Our story

The journey from design app to category-breaking platform

It all started with Design.

Democratize Design. That was our tagline in 2015, when we set out to improve the experience of living through good design.

We developed a platform that connected interior designers to homeowners at the click of a button. We wanted to make design thinking accessible to everyone.

After building a community of 50,000+ designers, we realized that designers didn’t just want new clients - they wanted the ability to design their own product lines to stand out from the crowd.




From Idea to Reality

Traditional manufacturing was too slow, laborious, expensive, and wasteful to recommend as a method for our designers and their dream product lines. But additive manufacturing (3D printing) presented a different story.

We opened a pop-up 3D printing shop in New York, and got to printing prototypes with our designers with overwhelming success.

The Third Industrial Revolution

We were on to something. The technology had caught up, but the market hadn’t just yet. 3D printing was dominated by hobbyists and tinkerers at home, with the odd visionary trying to get industrial-scale printing underway.

We were sure it would represent the next industrial revolution– however the media seemed to take a break from 3D printing, as blockchain technology started to take the spotlight.


That’s when thunder struck.

Digital files, used to print products in the burgeoning additive manufacturing world, are subject to the same IP infringement and security issues that other digital files have (think of what happened with music and Napster).

We found a way to combine AI, additive manufacturing facilities, and blockchain technology to create a platform that will solve this and create a new category of direct manufacturing.

Our guiding values

Since we established in 2015, our journey has led us to a platform that will change the world - and getting to that point doesn’t come easy. However, we set out with a vision that could only be realized by living and breathing what we value most, which are:

Passion Matters

Surround yourself with passionate people with purpose.

Healthy, Happy People

Work-life balance doesn't exist; it's work life integration that matters.

Celebrate our Successes and Mistakes

It's important we take stock of wins and loses and treat them as a way of learning.

Leave a Legacy

How will you be remembered 10 years after leaving the company?