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We started Kabuni in 2013 because we want to improve the experience of living, whether that means championing great design, developing community spirit, showcasing sustainable products, or supporting local charities. It's our goal to make a positive impact wherever we can. We make design accessible to everyone by changing the perception that it’s elitist or exclusive, and we attract socially conscious people who want to do good in their community.

Our founder, Neil Patel, is a family man. He is the proud father of four beautiful children, so home is where the heart is for Neil. That's why he had a vision – Better Homes for Everyone.

Better Homes for Everyone is a big idea. It means we are committed to helping our designers and homeowners create beautiful functional spaces. It means we support local entrepreneurs, like makers, artists and artisans, by bringing their work to a wider audience. And, of course, it means that we believe everyone deserves a home - which is why with every purchase made through Kabuni, we donate to charities helping people battle homelessness.

And soon after we opened our first Kabuni House in Vancouver, a collaborative working space that brings our community together – blending the online and the offline. It opened in June, 2016 and is now home to Interior Designers, Makers, Realtors, Stagers, Architects, Artists, and many more.

Today, our passionate team stretches from Australia to Argentina, from India to Canada and the United States. We are becoming a global design movement with supporters in every corner of the globe, each of us dedicated to Better Homes for Everyone.

Kabuni HQ is located at:

Suite 111 - 375 Water Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 5C6
+1(778) 358-7623