Challenge the way you think about design and bring your ideas to life. We make it possible for anyone to design and create beautiful exclusive pieces, whether it's a small item such as a picture frame, through to a large custom piece of furniture.

Our team is on hand to help you create your idea into a 3D print ready file, so you don't need to have any previous experience with design software. If you've already got the 3D file and you're looking for someone to help you print it, or you'd like to purchase a beautifully designed piece from our curated catalogue, we've got you covered too.

Create your own 3D printed furniture


With access to the latest in 3D printing technology, your imagination is the only limit to bringing your ideas to life. We have access to large format printers that can print large scale functional furniture as well as desktop printers for smaller jobs such as intricate home decor pieces.

We can print in many different materials including plastic, nylon, carbon fibre, wood, and flexible materials and can also apply different finishes to complete each piece. This really is your one stop shop for all your 3D printing needs.

Create your own 3D printed furniture


Gain access to hands-on training, bootcamps and workshops related to 3D printing, design, technology, and business. We're bridging the gap between 3D printing enthusiasts and the wider community.

Learn how we're committed to directing all activity back towards a closed loop ecosystem. By investing in Research and Development, we will make it possible for anything that is printed to be recycled into new items time and time again.

Create your own 3D printed furniture


Join the Kabuni community and benefit from connecting and collaborating with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about Ideas on Demand! The Kabuni Store and our online community brings together 3D enthusiasts from around the globe where ideas are shared and business partnerships are forged!

We also host mastermind roundtable sessions comprising of handpicked individuals who are passionate about Ideas on Demand. These progressive meetings play a special role in navigating the best way to grow our global community.

Create your own 3D printed furniture

Be one of the first to create your own custom 3D printed design with Kabuni.

We’re looking for a founding group who want to be the first to bring their ideas to life through 3D printing. The opportunity is only available to a limited group, so complete your details and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss next steps! 

Be part of history. Your design could be featured at High Point Furniture Market as the world's first line of 3D printed furniture. High Point takes place in October and attracts 75,000 design enthusiasts per year.

Our House

Kabuni House is Vancouver's premiere co-working destination for designers, builders, makers and creatives. Work and meet with your clients, or collaborate with other professionals in an open space, attend tailor-made Professional Development Programs or hold your own events, and have the opportunity to expose your work via our featured galleries.

Did we mention the perks? The Kabuni House has high-speed Internet, great coffee, fruit, on-site community managers, modular couches, and natural light to keep you vitalized. Also, don't use outdated technology again! The House is packed with cutting-edge tech from touch-screen tables to iMacs loaded with industry software, presentation TV's, a full mic and sound system, and the holographic 3D Dream Room.

  • Educational Events
  • Social Events
  • Community Inspiration
  • Networking
  • Leading Technology
  • + full access to our online global community and educational platform Design Campus!

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Create your own custom 3D printed furniture

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