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The blockchain platform for 3D printing at industrial scale that protects, prints, and pays.
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Introducing Kabuni

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3D printing has evolved far beyond  plastic trinkets and is about to transform a $6 trillion manufacturing market.

The world's smartest companies are already replacing costly supply chains with additive manufacturing to get products to market faster than ever.

As we transition to a printable world, an old problem persists - protecting buyers and sellers from knock-offs.

Kabuni solves that problem.

The blockchain platform for additive manufacturing

Kabuni’s industrial-scale 3D printing facilities will operate with our tamper-proof public ledger, following the path of any 3D printed product from idea through to print, payment and beyond.


Protect your IP and trace products from design to reality.

Our blockchain protects the digital thread that defines a 3D printed part, product or process. This enables compliance, performance, and safety like never before.


Turn your ideas into products and parts, faster than ever.

The Kabuni additive manufacturing facilities will verify the record and 3D print the design to spec, ready for shipping.


Be rewarded for your work, fairly.

Kabuni tokens will be used to perform transactions, recording  payment and distributing royalties instantly on the public-ledger.


The Kabuni platform will provide an otng or regulation and safety checks.

State of the art facilities

The 36,000 sq ft Kabuni additive manufacturing facilities will be among the first of its kind to house blockchain-enabled industrial-grade printers, technologies and materials.
Image credit: EOS

The team behind the platform

Jeff Booth

Executive Chairman

Jeff co-founded BuildDirect.com and led the company through various iterations to over $500 million market capitalization. He led the company through a transition from an e-commerce company to a platform company using first party data to create AI and Machine learning to build a more efficient networked supply chain for both buyers and sellers.

Shannon Susko

Board Member

Shannon has 18 years of experience leading financial technology services companies in North America. Her technical expertise is coupled with extensive sales, marketing and operations experience. Shannon has served on for-profit and not-for-profit boards at a regional, national and international level.

John F. Hornick

Board Member

As a counselor and litigator with the Finnegan IP law firm (one of the largest IP firms in the world), John has well over 30 years of experience advising top companies on every aspect of protecting, commercializing, and enforcing their IP.  He is also an internationally recognized thought leader in the 3D printing industry, founder of Finnegan’s 3D printing practice, and author of the award-winning book, 3D Printing Will Rock the World.  He was the only IP attorney selected by the U.S.

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