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Kabuni’s Learning Revolution Roadmap

Phase 1

Establishing the Foundations

Kabuni Kick-off
CEX Launchpad
Kabuni Whitepaper
Kabuni SPACE
Mastercard Partnership
Kabuni CAMPUS Alpha

Phase 2

Expanding the Ecosystem

Learn2Earn with Sweatcoin
Ecosystem Partnerships
DEX Listings
Kabuni WIZARD Alpha
Kabuni in Nigeria
KBC Airdrops

Phase 3

Empowering the Kabuni Experience

NFT Backpacks
Kabuni GEAR
Kabuni SPACE IRL classrooms
Kabuni WIZARD Beta
Educational Publishing Partnerships

Phase 4

Kabuni’s Global Dominance

Kabuni WIZARD General release
Kabuni ACADEMY courses
Kabuni Backpack Collabs
Tier-1 Exchange Listings
Kabuni’s World Vision

Kabuni Tokenomics

“Educate with Purpose”
Kabuni empowers educators and learners by fusing AI, spatial design, and Web3 technology. Our quest is to democratize education, making it personalized, engaging, and globally accessible. Kabuni is an innovative token designed to revolutionize the learning paradigm. Kabuni has a long-term vision with a unique token model that ensures its relevance and growth.
1,000,000,000 KBC
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Token Utility

The Kabuni COIN is designed to function as the primary medium of exchange within the Kabuni ecosystem. It plays an essential role in facilitating transactions, rewarding participation, and maintaining the overall utility of the platform. For a detailed view of the current and future token utility, view the white paper HERE

Token Distribution

250M KBC
Liquidity Pool
500M KBC
We empower individuals to unlock their full potential through lifelong skill development. At the core of Kabuni is “WIZARD,” an innovative process connecting educators and learners for a transformative exchange of knowledge. Kabuni CAMPUS offers an immersive at-home learning experience, while Kabuni SPACE revolutionizes educational infrastructures. Together, these facets, complemented by Kabuni COIN, ensure a seamless integration of monetary rewards and recognition, further enriching the educational journey.
Crypto markets and the value of Crypto currencies can be exceptionally volatile and speculative.  The risk of loss for individuals who participate in transactions involving crypto assets, remains significant. The only money you should put at risk is money you can afford to lose entirely, Kabuni and its affiliates provide no warranties, guarantees or protections in the event of monetary loss in regards to Kabuni Coin or the larger crypto market.